Robert Gili Homes | Key Values
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Key Values

At Robert Gili homes we aren’t just concerned with the construction of a building, but the journey each person or family takes when they commit themselves to the improvement or construction of their living space. We truly understand the investment that is formed between a home owner and their home; both the emotional and financial pressures and we endeavour to ensure our clients experience a stress free and exciting time through all stages of construction.

New Technology Meets Best Practice

We aim to combine the smartest, most innovative new technologies with the tried and true methods of the past. We believe in a synergy between new and old which culminates in the most superior build available.


Communication is the cornerstone of respect. Whether dealing with our clients or internally, we implement clear and concise communication at all times to foster an environment of true understanding.


Sustainability can be an idea, a collection of living systems, a manufacturing method or a way of life. We understand it’s importance to the modern home and endeavour to ensure every build works sustainably with the environment it exists in.